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Few miles west of Haugesund, on the open sea, lays Utsira. The island is not a popular destination, but due to its special character, it is worthwhile to drop by.

Nautical information

There are to harbours on the island – the northern and the southern. The choice of which one to use should depend on the current forecast. Depth inside the harbours are good, but there are underwater rocks on the approach. When sailing from the Stavanger direction pay attention to Ferkingstad islets lying halfway from Karmøy. There is also experimental windmill Hywind on the way. In the harbours pay attention to the place reserved for a ferry.

Practical information

The island is a home to about two hundred permanent residents. Utsira is the smallest independent community in Norway, and as such it has a school and other the required offices. Fishing is still an occupation for some, but many use the ferry connection to Haugesund to get to their jobs. There is a trail round the Island crossing interesting archaeological sites, and scenic is the view from the lighthouse hill.

Due to its location Utsira is a resting place for migratory birds, which in turn attracts hords of birdwatchers with their binoculars and telephoto lenses.

Utsira, Rogaland, 5547, NO