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Tananger is a safe and easy-to-access port, laying close to Stavanger and Sola airport. For centuries it has been a center of lobster fishing and today you can buy seafood and fish straight from the fishing boat or order them in the Hummeren Hotel resataurant. Today Tananger is a base of numerous oil related companies an important cargo port and ferry terminal for Bergen-Stavanger-Hirtshals line.

Nautical information

Approaching the bay of Risavika one should pay attention to the numerous islets and underwater rocks as well as to the busy traffic. LNG plant located at entrance to the harbour, makes a conspicuous landmark well visible from the sea also in the night due to its illumination. The small boat harbour is located in the north-western part of the Risavika bay with entrance from the eastern side of Melingholmen. Guest berths are located at the western end of the harbour, between the Tananger Båtforening jetty and an apartment block. Larger boats can moor along the pier, however access to electricity and water can be difficult there.

Practical information

Toilets and shower are located next to the guest berths. A key to the service building can be rented in Hummeren hotel, where mooring fee is also collected. There are picnic tables and barbecue place in the area. Slipway is available for boats up to 12 tons. Diesel station is located by the hotel. There are two grocery stores in a shopping center at Skibmannsveien 3, together with pharmacy and Jernia hardware store. It is worth taking a walk along rocky beach surrounding the town from the Western side.
There is public bus no. 2 going to Stavanger and no. 42 to the airport.
Mooring fee is 100 NOK per day for boats up to 40 feet, 200 NOK for larger than that.

Tananger, Rogaland, 4057, NO