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Several miles from Bergen, on Askøy, there is an excellent natural harbour. Strussham was used for ages, and its role have risen after opening an inn at the end of seventeen century. There was a shoddy factory in Strusshamn, and at some point a boatyard was operating there. There are number of small, old houses round the harbour, what makes unique climate of this place.

There is a fast ferry connection to Bergen from a nearby place called Kleppestø.

Nautical information

The harbour is well protected from all sides. Insailing is problem free and the depths are in a range of several meters, except shoals towards the shore by the buildings. Guest places are in the north-west part of the bay.

Practical information

In the service building there are bathrooms and washing machine. Water and electricity are available at the jetty. Boats can be repaired in the workshop on the opposite side of the harbour. Fuel station offers diesel all day round. There is also a doctors office in the Gjestgiveri building.
Fee should be paid in the machine by the bathrooms.

Strusshamn, Hordaland, 5318, NO