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Stavanger is the largest town in the south-west Norway. It attracts tourists with its discreet charm and great touristic offer. More about the town and its surroundings can be found here.

Nautical information

Approach to Stavanger harbour is neither difficult nor dangerous. The harbor is a busy place, especially in summer season. Guest harbour Børevigå is located in the town centre, next to the oil museum, which with its “drilling rig” like landmark is easily recognizable. Depths in the harbour are within 5 meters range. Larger boats can berth at the outer side of the pier.

Alternatively boat can be moored in Vågen (at the southern end of the bay), where depths reach 10 meters.


Guest harbour Børevigå has space for 31 boats up to 15 meters long. Berths has mooring fingers on both sides. Although marina is located almost in the town center the neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. Water and electricity are available on the pontoon, and in the service building there are toilets, bathrooms and a laundry. Mooring fee should be paid in the ticket machine standing by the service building, and the ticket should be placed in well visible spot on your boat. In the ticket you will find a code to the service building door. Mooring fee is 200 NOK per day plus optional 100 NOK for electricity. The service building is available from 1 May until 30 September. Outside that period half price apply. The first three hours in the harbour are free. Occasionally other prices may be introduced.

Vågen harbour has space for about 20 boats and can accommodate boats larger than 15 m. Moor here alongside or bow/stern to, using mooring buoy. In the summer season cruise ships moor nearby and may generate significant swell. The harbor is located right between numerous restaurants and nightclubs what makes this place rather noisy. Electricity and water are available from 1st of May till end of September, but the place lacks other facilities. During festivals and other events Vågen harbour may be closed. The fee is the same as as in Børevigå, and must be paid in the ticket machine standing at the jetty.

There are plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants in the vicinity. Tools and hardware may be found in Clas Ohlson at Verksgata 1. Several grocery shops are located within short distance: Bunnpris at Nedre Holmegate 11, Kiwi at Verksgata 2 (Magasin Bla), and Menu at Lars Lars Hertervigs gate 6. Chandlery store is located a bit away from the center: Maritim at Langflåtveien 5.

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