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Røssøy is a small island, separated from the island Fogn only by a narrow strait. It is uninhabited and as such is perfect place for anyone seeking quiet time.  It can however become busy in sunny weekend days.

Nautical information

The easiest approach is from the north-east, as  the south-western waterway approach is narrow and shallow. In the summer, especially on weekends, it can be difficult to find a place at the quay. In such cases, you can use a mooring rings located at the rocks nearby and throw an anchor from the stern. Mooring rings can also be found on the side of Fogn.

Practical information

Once on Rossøy it is worthwhile to take a walk round the island. There is a small hill on the western side with science view from the top. There are several beaches and nearby the quay there is a large open space with can be used for picnic or games. More hiking options are across the straight, on the Fogn island. After short walk one can find a thousand years old oak “hole eika”. The tree is empty inside and was once a summer cottage.
Except the basic toilet there are no other facilities on Rossøy.