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DAB+ to replace FM

On 11th January 2017 bagan phasing out FM radio broadcasting. When compleated, DAB+ receiver will have to be used to listen to the radio channels. There still might be some local stations using FM, but it is very likely that in most places it will all be quiet. You can check the detailed schedule for various regions here:


The main broadcaster in Norway is NRK, broadcasting 16 channels on fucused on various topics. The main ones send news, current affairs coverage and of course music, other are narrow oriented on specific subject. The core channels are NRK P1, P2, P4 and P3, while thematic channels are Klassisk, Jazz, Folemusikk, Sport etc. There are also many commercial radio stations like  radio P4 or Radio Norge, and many other local broadcasters.

Internet radio

You can listen to the radio live broadcast or recorded programs on internet.
Radio Norge: