Nautical charts on paper

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Statens Kartverk is the publisher of the official nautical charts. The charts are available in Print on Demand mode, what means that they can be ordered only through authorized dealers. Ordered charts will be updated to the recent Notice to Mariners at the moment of printing.
The charts are available in four main series:

Hovedkartserien – offshore charts
Havnekartserien – harbour charts
Kystkartserien – coastal charts
Overseilingskartserien – general charts
Complete chart list is available in online catalog. Can be viewed as pdf:

Based on coastal charts, Nordeca published leisure charts (båtsportkart). These maps are printed on smaller sheets, which are much more convenient to use than standard maps. They contain a variety of additional information relevant for sailors like harbour locations, bunkering stations, etc. These charts are collected in 40 separate folios, which can be viewed on the map.