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Located to the west of the capital of Norway Larvik is communicated by railway line with Oslo and the nearby Sandefjord-Torp Airport. Both Thor Heyerdahl and Colin Archer lived here and information about them can be found in the local museum.

Nautical information

In the center of Larvik, there is a marina Fritzøe Brygge, where mooring is allowed for maximum a day. For longer stays Larvik båtforening marina can be used. It is located to the east of downtown, near the conspicuous church.

Practical information

One of the main attractions of Larvik is Farris Bad SPA hotel with its wellness center, swimming pool and various saunas.
There are many restaurants and cafes in the town. The train station is within walking distance from the harbor, and a little further there is a ferry terminal used by Larvik-Hirshals line. There is no bunkering station In Larvik. The nearest one is located in Stavern at the entrance to Larvikfjorden.

Larvik, Vestfold, 3285, NO