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Hommersåk located at Riskafjorden has ca. 6000 inhabitants and is well communicated with Sandnes and Stavanger. It is a nice, quiet town, which could be starting point for hikes in the nearby woods and hills.

Nautical information

Riska Båtforening offers guest places outside the outher pier on the east side Hommersåkvågen. Depths are good, but the north wind can be troublesome.
Inside the inlet on the western side there are several places for visitors. Fee of 75 NOK is collected in Pizzabakeren. It shallows up here to 1,7 m.

Practical information

Shopping center, right at the harbour, has grocery store, pharmacy, reataurants etc. Toilet is available inside. In the vicinity there are several other shops, post office, repair shops and a sailmaker. At Riska Sveis slipway is available for boats up to 70 feet. Fuel station with petrol and diesel is located on the western side of the vågen.
Sandnes can be reched on the bus no. 21, and Stavanger by fast ferry.

Hommersåk, Rogaland, 4395, NO