GRIB for Norway

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GRIB is a data format used to store historical and  forecast weather data. GRIB files may contain information about winds, currents, pressure, wave heights, etc., which can be overlayed on a chart. OpenCPN, Ugrib, zyGrib are just a few of the software packages offering such functionality. There are also apps for mobile devices like SailGrib for Android or iGrib for iOS which read GRIBs.

GRIB files covering parts of Norway can be downloaded from site. The url links are in the tabe below:



Content Region Size File name Resolution
Currents Skagerrak 420 kB norkyst800m_weatherapi_skagerrak.grb 1 hour, 800 m
Currents Oslofjord 428 kB norkyst800m_weatherapi_oslofjord.grb 1 hour, 800 m
Currents Southern Norway 1.2 MB norkyst800m_weatherapi_sorlandet.grb 1 hour, 800 m
Currents Western Norway 1.1 MB norkyst800m_weatherapi_west_norway.grb 1 hour, 800 m
Currents North Sea 414 kB nordic4km_weatherapi_n-northsea.grb 1 hour, 4 km
Currents Nordland 445 kB norkyst800m_weatherapi_nordland.grb 1 hour, 800 m
Currents Northern Norway 304 kB norkyst800m_weatherapi_troms-finnmark.grb 1 hour, 800 m
Wind Skagerrak 1.1 MB arome_weatherapi_skagerrak.grb 1 hour, 2.5 km
Wind Oslofjord 560 kB arome_weatherapi_oslofjord.grb 1 hour, 2.5 km
Wind Southern Norway 2.0 MB arome_weatherapi_sorlandet.grb 1 hour, 2.5 km
Wind Western Norway 4.3 MB arome_weatherapi_west_norway.grb 1 hour, 2.5 km
Wind North Sea 310 kB meps_weatherapi_n-northsea.grb 1 hour, 2.5 km
Wind Nordland 1,3 MB meps_weatherapi_nordland.grb 1 hour, 2.5 km
Wind Northern Norway 780 kB meps_weatherapi_troms-finnmark.grb 1 hour, 2.5 km
Waves Skagerrak 719 kB mywavewam4_weatherapi_skagerrak.grb 1 hour, 4 km
Waves Oslofjord 89 kB mywavewam4_weatherapi_oslofjord.grb 1 hour, 4 km
Waves Southern Norway 225 kB mywavewam4_weatherapi_sorlandet.grb 1 hour, 4 km
Waves Western Norway 1.2 MB mywavewam4_weatherapi_west_norway.grb 1 hour, 4 km
Waves North Sea 212 kB mywavewam4_weatherapi_n-northsea.grb 1 hour, 4 km
Waves Nordland 519 kB mywavewam4_weatherapi_nordland.grb 1 hour, 4 km
Waves Northern Norway 338 kB mywavewam4_weatherapi_troms-finnmark.grb 1 hour, 4 km

There are also foreign web services offering GRIB files covering Norwegian waters. For example: Global Marine Networks (GMN),, Saildocs and zyGrib. The last two are integrated with OpenCPN where you can generate an email with the data request. The GRIB files would be send back to your mailbox. ZyGrib requires to create a user account.