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Egersund is one of the few ports in the south-west coast of Norway. The old town with its narrow streets, where numerous restaurants and cafes are located, creates a special, Norwegian fishing town atmosphere. Today the town is an industrial center, with its  large port, railway and the proximity to the E39 European road.

Nautical information

Guest marina is located in the town center. From the sea, one can use both northern and southern approaches round Eigerøya, however the southern one is easier. There is a bridge over the northern channel with clearance of 22 m. There might be strong currents and busy traffic in the channels.

Practical information

There is a service building in the marina with bathrooms, showers and laundry facilities. Within a walking distance there are all kinds of shops and numerous dining options. Take a trip to the Eigerøy lighthouse in the vicinity, where you can get by bus no. 83.
There is a regular train connection from Egersund to Stavanger and less frequent to Kristiansand and Oslo.

Egersund, Rogaland, 4378, NO