COLREGS extension

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Extensions to COLREGS for Norwegian waters are included in chapter 2 of Sjøveisreglene. For leisure vessels the most interesting rules are described below.

Rule 39 says, that all these rules apply also to foreign vessels.

Rule 40: in the ports and other designated areas relevant authorities may issue special rules.

Rule 42 says, that vessels passing a ship showing “A” flag (“I have a diver down”) must navigate with extreme caution and turn off propulsion if possible.

Rule 43 applies to small rowing boats, motorboats and sailboats. They are obliged to navigate with caution in the presence of other vessels, keep away from them, reduce speed and stop if necessary, keep out of the way of other vessels.

Rule 44: in narrow passages, harbours and other busy traffic areas, leisure boats must keep out of the way of large ships, ferries and other commercial vessels.

Rule 45 forbids anchoring which would block a narrow passage.

Further rules concern sea marking and signals, seaplanes, submarines and so on.