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Although there are no guest places in the Åmøy marina, it is worth mentioning because of the Garstad boat service. It provides services hulls and engine services and repairs. There is a mobile boat crane there and a well-stocked store.

Nautical information

The approach to Åmøy Havn is from the eastern side of the island or by the strait between Rennesøy and Mosterøy. Other straits are crossed by bridges with low clearance. Garstad quay is located on the right side of the conspicious Åmøy Havn hangar. Depths in the harbor are within three meters.

Practical information

It is recommended to make an appointment with Garstad service beforehand. The contact information can be found on their website.
The is a public bus connection between Åmøy and Stavanger by bus no. 34 to Sokn and further bus no. 10.

Vestre Åmøy, Rogaland, 4152, NO